Fifth generation Italian wood carvers specializing in statuary and church furniture.

Hand Carved in Italy is a collaboration of three companies with a shared set of values.  Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875, Henninger's Inc., and Franco Spagnoli all share the belief that a church with impressive sacred art and magnificent liturgical furniture can enhance the worship experience of the faithful.  We each enjoy a project-oriented approach with a special emphasis on custom works, inspired by the client.

A church, above all other structures, should reflect the finest emotions which we can express.  Whether a simple chapel or a soaring cathedral, it should be as beautiful and perfect in every respect as possible.



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To ensure the appropriate style and material in the decoration of churches, the lines of communication must be wide open.  Each party must employ a clear sense of collaboration and there is no place for personal ego.  Every individual that works in the three-company partnership of Handmade in Italy believes in the importance of beautiful churches and we want to make your vision a reality.

For more information contact:

Mark Cousineau, Henninger's Inc.


Tel: (216) 362-8860