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The Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 studio is committed in guaranteeing its valued customers throughout the world a state of the art craftsmanship meeting their expectations; this, through the experience of 140 years and 5 generations of the same family, the assurance of superior quality and the continuous improvement of professional assistance.

Stuflesser's aim is to build a long time relationship with our customers and collaborators.

Management Team

Filip Stuflesser was born in Bolzano in 1976. He attended various schools in Italy, Austria and the USA, where he developed his language skills and became acquainted with other cultures. Filip has been an important member in the operation since 1999. Filip is very talented in planning and projecting the church interiors, as he is a skilled artist with very good taste, who never disregards the "religious functionality" either. He is very dynamic and always open to new challenges.

Robert Stuflesser was born in Bolzano in 1980. He was educated in Italy, Austria and Australia where he was also able to establish international relationships. Robert’s fantasy and business acumen has been giving the operation an extra edge since 2003. Due to his creativity, he is always searching for new challenges and future-oriented possibilities to create a perfect customer experience. Robert is responsible for the customer service, the website and the trade fair participation.


Daniel Quitta was born in Bolzano in 1975. He was educated at the University of Economics in Trento, Italy. After successfully completing his studies, he worked as a painter and gilder for four years, which allowed him to gather valuable experience. Daniel has been working in the operation since 2007 and is very successful in the fields of restoration and customer consulting. Moreover, his technical expertise enables him to find a solution to every problem and he is also the contact person on logistical issues.


Marco Wanker was born in Bolzano in 1993 and was educated in Italian schools. He has been in the operation since 2013 and is responsible for the customer care and the graphic layout. Due to his interest in photography and photographic editing, he is the contact person for photomontages, which enable customers to better envisage their personal works prior to creation.
Marco means innovation for Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875.


Artists and Artisans

The Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 team consists of several different professional fields, ranging from sculptor to painter and from gilder to carpenter and wrought-iron blacksmith. All these artisans and artists play a very important role in the design and production of various works. Particularly in the case of altars, the deployment of almost every employee is demanded. Depending on the field of work (whether an altar, a statue or a restoration has been ordered), various artisans are deployed whose work has to be coordinated with each other. The coordination of the often complex work processes is assumed by project managers, who are in direct contact with the customers, thus building the bridge between the customers and the various artists. The project managers are also in charge of the consultation on and planning of the various projects, which range from a 20 cm statue to large altars and entire church interiors. The project managers are responsible for the work and try, in conjunction with the respective artists, to implement all the customers’ wishes and requests.

All artists and artisans working together with Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 were educated in various schools of art or vocational schools and have many years of experience as well as a professional diploma.



5 Generations

The Stuflesser family has been producing fine church art and furniture for 5 generations.  The founder Ferdinand I, founded the company in 1875.  He created his unique workshop because of his passion for the art. A pioneer in the field of ecclesiastical crafts, Ferdinand's  employed up to 16 sculptors and eight carpenters. Additionally, 100 sculptors worked for the firm in their homes. The painter master, Luis Kostner, employed around 24 craftsmen, ranging from painters and gilders. According to company records, the firm had so many clients that it was able to create 70 Altars in just one year, near the turn of the century.

Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 is privileged to be the firm with the most years of experience in the famous Gardena valley in Italy.  In a region known for its woodcarvers, their work has been carried out by the same family for over 130 years and five generations.

Furnishers to the Holy See

The Studio's work has reached the Vatican and the Pope: Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 is registered as “furnishers to the Holy See” (the title was assigned by Pope Pius X). It also has been awarded a prize by Pope Leo XIII.

Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 has also been given the titles of "Pro ecclesia et Pontefice" because of his long experience in the ecclesiastical field and the title of “commendatore dell’Ordine di S.Silvestro”.

The Art Studio has been awarded with several medals also at the following international fairs in: Chicago, Innsbruck, Barcellona, Bruxelles, Paris, Antwerpen.

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