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Mark Cousineau, Henninger's Inc.

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Handmade in Italy is a collaboration of three companies: Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875, Henninger's Inc., and Franco Spagnoli.  We have found after working together on multiple projects that we share the same enthusiasm for quality workmanship in churches.  Our three companies all share a love for beautiful churches; we are inspired by wonderful designs of the past, and take that energy into creating new works for future generations.  Stuflesser, Henninger's, and Spagnoli have also found a bond in the way we collaborate with our clients.


Ferninand Stuflesser 1875
Italian Woodcarvers
Henninger's Inc
Consulting, Design, Installation
Franco Spagnoli
Italian Marble Fabricator
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We would like to cooperate with you on your upcoming church project.  Our team includes the finest fabricators in Italy and most experienced installers in the U.S.A.  Custom projects are all we do, so your ideas can become reality. Each altar, statue, pulpit, or station of the cross we supply is carved to your specifications in marble or wood. 

We want to make you a part of the process - starting with your vision, and working our way through the design, fabrication, and installation of your custom work.