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Mark Cousineau, Henninger's Inc.

Tel: (216) 362-8860


"We are the tailor and not the producer.  We carve a unique work (exactly what the customer wants) and not something that has been seen 100 times.  We are the cook of a special meal (the client's favorite) and not a producer of a certain food in huge quantities."

- Robert Stuflesser

When you consult with our team, you will find that we are project-oriented. 


We will ask you questions about what you want to see, then we will work with you to design and produce the best representation of your vision.





Your vision will drive the project.

The images on this page represent the ideas of multiple customers.  Each one was executed to the desires of that client from the overall shape of an altar to its finest detailed carving and painting.

We hope the work portfolio featured on this website shows you the attention to detail that we will give your project.  We hope to collaborate with you to make your idea a reality.